A Dokha-Smoking Essential: The Medwakh

The medwakh, or midwakh, is a thin, straight smoking pipe with origins from the Arabic region. Aromatic herbs are placed inside the pipe and lit up. The medwakh comes in a variety of designs including the Red Rose Saktoon series, the Carbon Fiber Medwakh, the Dear Horn model and many more.

Learn more about this classic tobacco tool by reading this guide.

What is the medwakh?

A medwakh is a slender pipe that is commonly found around the UAE. Compared to the Western tobacco pipe, the bowl is noticeably smaller. Dokha is placed inside this small bowl, which is lit up.

What is dokha?

The dokha is the term used to refer to the tobacco product used in a medwakh. It consists of a blend of Iranian tobacco mixed with a series of bark, leaves and herbs. Because the nicotine content is quite high, medwakh users (who must be over 18 years old or dokha lovers) only use a tiny portion of dokha at a time.

The dokha is seen as a purer form of tobacco. No chemicals were added nor machines used to produce the dokha. Unlike other types of tobacco, the ingredients used in making the dokha were not smoked over a low-burning fire or air-cured for several months. Instead, the tobacco is left out to dry in the arid desert environment. Once dried, the tobacco flakes are ground into a powder-like consistency. The dokha tobacco is free of molasses, which makes it distinct from the tobacco used in the shisha or hookah.

Traditional medwakh pipes do not come with a filter. Newer models do, however, and the filters are often mounted around the stem area. These tobacco pipe accessories are designed to reduce the amount of particulates from entering the lungs.

How do you smoke a medwakh?

Using a medwakh takes some practice. Beginners should sit down when trying it out for the first time. Some variations of the dokha have a strong effect and are known to knock out novices. Smoking can also make people feel thirsty and dry. Keep yourself hydrated while smoking the medwakh by having a stash of beverages nearby.

1.Before you can smoke your medwakh, you need to properly pack it with dokha. Fill your bowl with the dokha blend and press the flakes down with your finger.
2.When lighting the bowl, breathe into the pipe. Breathe out deeply, but inhale normally.
3.Once the bowl has been lit, inhale and hold it in for about five seconds. Take a second hit without letting go of the first one. Hold it in for another five seconds. Do it for a third time. Hold as much tobacco smoke for as long as you can.
4.You can let go once you feel the buzz.

Although preparing the medwakh is simple in theory, it does require a bit of experimentation. Different dokha blends require different packing methods. Some blends need to be packed tightly. On the other hand, some blends have trouble staying lit when packed too tightly. This is the case for extra-fine types of dokha such as the Indihash.

What medwakh should I use?

Medwakhs come in a wide range of designs and price ranges. Choose one that fits your budget and other needs.

For instance, Red Rose Dokha features a variety of budget-friendly medwakhs priced at less than $10. These are recommended for those who wish to see what it’s like smoking this type of Arabic cigar.

At the other end of the spectrum are the pipes made out of deer horn or carbon fiber as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. These are medwakhs built to last and can enhance the smoking experience.

How to choose the right dokha?

There are three main types of dokha: cold, warm and hot. All blends fall under one of these three categories.

Cold blends are identified by the light and smooth taste; these are recommended for first time users and beginners. For a slightly stronger buzz, there are the warm blends. Hot blends are reserved for the most experienced medwakh users; these blends pack the strongest punch.

Are there benefits to smoking dokha?

Dokha tobacco has become increasingly popular over the years, especially with teens in the Middle East. It provides smokers with a unique experience unlike any other pipe or tobacco blend. Here are a few reasons why you should try it out:

● More potent. Unlike other types of tobacco, dokha blends give a stronger buzz. Some have attributed the increased potency to the unique selection of ingredients. Others link it to its processing methods. Whatever the case may be, it provides a rush unlike no other.
● No lingering smell. The smell of the dokha does not stay in your mouth or even on your clothes. It does not produce ash and won’t damage your clothes or furniture.
● Quick and cheaper to use. Because the bowl is smaller, it takes less than a minute to get a medwakh ready for smoking. Plus, dokhas come in bottles. A typical dokha bottle has enough to last you 100 sessions or more. This provides more savings than smoking a Western pipe.

Take a look at the Red Rose Dokha shop to see what medwakhs and dokha blends we have available. Try out different models and blends to find out what suits your needs best.

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