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How to Keep Your Medwakh Pipe Clean

Medwakhs are small smoking pipes commonly found and used in parts of the Middle East. Because of the pipe’s size and construction, they are known to clog quickly. If you have been smoking your Medwakh pipe for more than 24 hours, you may notice that parts of the pipe will start to get sticky. It…
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A Dokha-Smoking Essential: The Medwakh

The medwakh, or midwakh, is a thin, straight smoking pipe with origins from the Arabic region. Aromatic herbs are placed inside the pipe and lit up. The medwakh comes in a variety of designs including the Red Rose Saktoon series, the Carbon Fiber Medwakh, the Dear Horn model and many more. Learn more about this…
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Your Introduction To The Different Dokha Tobacco Blends

Dokha is a traditional Arabic tobacco with high nicotine content (which you can smoke if you are 18 years of age and a dokha lover). Often, it is mixed with spices, dried flowers, herbs, and fruit. For over 500 years, dokha tobacco has been cultivated and smoked in the Middle East. This type of tobacco…
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Why Is It Worth Giving Dokha A Try?

Dokhais a traditional Arabic tobacco combined with spices, dried flowers, herbs and/or fruit, which is consumed through a pipe known as medwakh. It offers a unique smoking experience that guarantees satisfaction. The term dokha literally means “dizzy” because this form of tobacco provides a smooth pull for the smoker, along with a desired light to…
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