5 Facts You Should Know About Dokha

People smoke for various reasons. Individuals light a cigar when they feel anxious or stressed out and want a temporary escape. For some people, smoking keeps them awake and alert since it acts as a stimulant. Smoking is an acceptable practice at most types of events or social gatherings and can help people interact and socialize more.

Regardless of the reason that led you to smoking and moves you to light one every time you feel the urge, you still need to keep in mind that the inhalation of all types of tobacco is unhealthy and even fatal. However, many experts say that a traditional tobacco found and used in certain Middle East countries is safer for the health of smokers: dokha.

If it’s your first time to come across the word dokha and you're keen to try it, here are five important facts you should know about this tobacco product:

1. Dokha is one of the oldest types of tobacco in the Middle East

Dokha, which means dizzy in Arabic, has been cultivated and used in various Arabic countries for more than 500 years now. Dokha made its first appearance in history sometime in the 1400s in the northern region of Iran as a form of recreational smoking. It was later introduced in the Middle East in the early 1500s.

2. Dokha is a high nicotine tobacco

In the past, dokha was combined with herbs, spices, dried flowers or fruit when smoked. At present, most products are made of 100% pure tobacco and no pesticides or herbicides are used when growing the plant. However, there are still brands or products that are heavily flavored with fruit, mint, or clove to cover the strong tobacco taste and temper its harshness.

In addition, dokha is made with no chemical additives or preservatives since it is not fire cured and cut but only naturally dried in the arid area where it was grown. It is finely ground in a delicate manner to preserve its natural strength, freshness, and pure flavor. Also, it is not cured with honey or molasses, as is the case with hookah tobacco.

3. There are 3 main types or blends of dokha.

Dokha comes in 3 main categories or blends, which are:

• Cold - A blend that is light and smooth. This is often recommended for beginners preferring a light buzz.

• Warm – This type provides a pleasant buzz, an exceptional smoke and is usually favored by smokers that already have some degree of experience.

• Hot – The strongest blend, which offers a robust flavor and exceeding head spin. It is usually smoked only by experienced smokers.

4. You need a medwakh to smoke dokha

A medwakh is a handmade Arabic smoking pipe which is is structurally different from other conventional and modern Western smoking pipes. It can be made of different types of materials including wood, metal, steel, gold, silver, marble, glass, plastic, and bone.

A medwakh pipe’s bowl is quite small and can only hold about 0.5 mg of dokha per use which can only give three to four puffs to the smoker. To fill a medwakh, simply dip the bowl into the container of dokha. Once full, you can start smoking.

5. Dokha offers several benefits that other types of tobacco products cannot provide

These advantages are:

• It is an organic tobacco product grown and manufactured without any harmful chemical additives.

• Smoking dokha is less damaging to health, especially when compared to other tobacco products. This is because it only gives you three to four puffs a few times a day, while cigarettes and other products require more inhalation.

• Greater satisfaction from that much-needed buzz from the three to four puffs that dokha provides. This will help you greatly in avoiding over smoking.

• It is a reasonably priced product that will allow you to save money on this vice. A typical bottle of dokha will allow you to fill an average-sized medwakh 80 to 100 times. If you smoke 10 times a day, one bottle of dokha should last you eight to 10 days.

• Smoking dokha doesn’t come with the usual mess. Because of the small amount of dokha placed on the medwakh, you leave little or no ash on your clothes, floor or furniture. Of course, you won’t have to bother with throwing the cigarette butt or any leftover cigars away.

• Dokha does not leave a strong smell of tobacco on your mouth or clothes. The smoke does not stick to fabrics or skin. You can smoke dokha without being discovered by other people if you’re uncomfortable about others knowing about your vice.

To enjoy the unique smoking experience that dokha provides, make sure you choose a brand that is known for guaranteeing satisfaction. Also, make sure the brand carries your favourite blend and strength of choice. All the products of Red Rose have been manufactured following the best industry standards and are properly screened to meet the needs and preference of every customer.

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