Why Is It Worth Giving Dokha A Try?

Dokhais a traditional Arabic tobacco combined with spices, dried flowers, herbs and/or fruit, which is consumed through a pipe known as medwakh. It offers a unique smoking experience that guarantees satisfaction.

The term dokha literally means “dizzy” because this form of tobacco provides a smooth pull for the smoker, along with a desired light to heavy head spin.

Basically, there are two types of dokha – traditional and modern blends. Both can give a comforting and stimulating buzz or head spin. However, they are also categorized accordingly:

   ●  Cold – Light and smooth that is perfect for beginners
   ●  Warm – A pleasant buzz for medium experienced smokers
   ●  Hot – A strong flavor that is perfect for experienced smokers because it provides exceeding head spin

Medwakh, on the other hand, is an Arabian smoking pipe that was originally made of animal bones. Today, it is mostly made of wood. As compared to the Western tobacco pipe, the bowl of a medwakh can only provide 3-4 dokha puffs. (Incidentally, Red Rose Group can customize your medwakh – it can be created from metal, wood, bone, plastic, glass, gold, silver, marble or steel.)

For decades, dokha has been popular in the Middle East. Today, its popularity has spread far and wide as more and more people aged 18 years and above are choosing to smoke dokha to meet their tobacco needs. In fact, those who have tried smoking it when on holiday have brought their fondness for this form of tobacco back home.

6 Reasons to Try Dokha

1. Pure and natural.

Dokha is the original, pure and natural Arabic tobacco, and Red Rose Group can bring it to you direct from the source. It is farmed and manufactured without any help from chemical additives and machinery. It is dried naturally by the hot desert winds and finely ground in a time-honored tradition to preserve its organic content.

2. Original blends

After it is dried and ground, dokha is blended carefully with different spices and herbs to yield a wide variety of enticing blends. Basically, the blends are sorted between light, medium and hot – the warmer blends provide a hotter smoke with a more intense buzz.

Red Rose Group has its own tobacco plantations in Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, and Oman. Tobacco is extremely sensitive and can easily get damaged when machines are used for harvesting. Thus, all the cultivation processes at Red Rose Group’s farms are done by hand.

Different types of tobacco are grown under different sunlight conditions to produce unique flavors. Moreover, there are top leaves gaining more sunlight than the middle and bottom leaves when tobacco is grown – each of them is being separated and used for a certain flavor.

3. A completely different buzz

When compared to the usual cigars, smoking dokha offers a more enjoyable, warm buzz when you exhale. You get to experience a nicotine buzz that is further intensified by dokha’s natural strength along with the conventional methods used in its production.

Light dokha yields a soft, pleasing buzz when you exhale, while medium and hot blends offer a heavier smoke with a deep buzz.

4. Save more time and money

In comparison to other tobaccos, dokha is stronger by weight. This further means that less tobacco will need to be smoked to achieve the same satisfaction. Therefore, dokha gives a more efficient smoke than Western pipes or cigarettes.

When smoking cigars, smoking time is usually extended. With dokha, it will only take about 30 seconds for you to fill the medwakh, puff on it, and feel that unique buzz running through your body. And the buzz will only last for a maximum of two minutes.

Since cigars are continuously increasing in price, dokha becomes a more economical choice for smokers. You will enjoy both a premium product and huge savings. Expect to smoke 70-80 times with a standard bottle of dokha.

5. Less to no smell

As opposed to other forms of tobacco, dokha produces less odor. In turn, this keeps your clothes, upholstery, house and breath from stinking.

The smoke that dokha produces doesn’t stick to fabrics, so it prevents your non-smoker friend or loved one from being subjected to the tobacco smell.

6. A healthier alternative

With Red Rose dokha, you smoke less tobacco at a time. If you maintain the same smoking habits, your lungs will most likely receive less tar from the filtered medwakh.

Furthermore, dokha does not have any chemical additive like those found in most cigars and cigarette papers. But since it is still a form of tobacco, we recommend smoking it in moderation and only if you are over 18 years of age (or a dokha lover).

Natural and pure; both organically and traditionally grown and processed, dokha is certainly an antidote to the additive-laden and mass-produced products that most smokers today are familiar with.

At Red Rose Group, we strongly believe that the quality of our products will speak for itself. Save a significant amount of your money and time whilst satisfying your taste buds – try smoking Red Rose dokha now.

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